#66 Bihari Drape – traditional

This drape is similar to the Gujarati drape but has a flavor and look all its own. I thought it might be frumpy when I first wore it but I ended up loving it. Definitely one of my all time favourites.  

#36 Designer’s Dream – modern

Call it what you like. Wear it if you like it 😛 Most modern styles are better with a nice showy choli/blouse, because they tend to expose it. So make sure it is well fitted.

#8, #9 Rajrani style – traditional

I have found that the names Rajrani style, Seedha Pallu, Gujarati style and Rajasthani style are interchangeable and are used for post #4 and for this one #8. Below are two videos one showing a V neck version and one showing a version with the drape across the back tight instead of loose. When it…