Dare 2 Drape Week 1 #dare2drape

Currently I am participating in a seven week viral campaign hosted by Triveni Sarees. Every week I have to use a different sari and a different drape. You can read all about it here. Below is my first drape and you can check out the other people participating @ dare2drape.org. Have fun! Wear a Sari!

#51 Nivi Shorts (short kaccha) – traditional

Start with Nivi #1 but don’t pin the pallu.  When pulling the front between your legs to the back, pull the back forward as much as you can. This really helps with coverage. Also keep adjusting and tugging after you’ve wrapped the pallu until it feels right. 🙂  

#46 Kaccha Pants – traditional

This one was requested by Thilini. I hope this is what you are looking for. If not I have posted two dhoti saris previously, #18 fishtail and #19 flower seller . I hope you like it. In this video I tie a knot with one end of the sari and part of the top border…

#29 Tamil Brahmin style (Madisar) – traditional

OK so this is not the most polished video but it is cool to see some women trying to preserve their traditional dress. When I get a 9 yard sari I’ll try it out and post some pictures here. If you go to Youtube and read the description, they say that the style can be…

#15 Maharastrian style(Nuvari) – traditional

One thing I wanted to point out about this drape is, that when she makes the pleats in front they are very very wide. I think this helps with bulkiness in front. I have tried to do this drape with normal size nivi pleats and it gets really really bulky in front because you have…