#67 Telugu Brahmin Style – traditional

This one is interesting. Its more like a dhoti than any of the other pants style saris and it kind of pulls up on the right side. You’ll have to play with that if you want the legs to be even in the back.

#53 Kappulu – traditional

For this one I put a pin in the informal pleats on the shoulder because this sari is one of those terribly slippery silk ones. It won’t stay on my shoulder for nothing. The Kappulu drape is from Andhra Pradesh. It is for a 7 yard sari, but you could do it with a 6…

#51 Nivi Shorts (short kaccha) – traditional

Start with Nivi #1 but don’t pin the pallu.  When pulling the front between your legs to the back, pull the back forward as much as you can. This really helps with coverage. Also keep adjusting and tugging after you’ve wrapped the pallu until it feels right. 🙂