#69 Shawl Drape with Ecoloom – modern


This drape is super fun and easy. Basically a nivi skirt with the pallu as a shawl. You can have the pallu pleated or wrapped around your shoulders. I did this drape with a lovely Ecoloom silk/cotton sari, that I recently acquired. It is super thin and yet very sturdy and drapes like a dream, a perfect summer sari. I wore a full skirt underneath this drape which gave it extra volume so I felt like a princess. This sari has become one of my favorite saris already. I love the bright colors and the Ganga-Jamuna boarder. I got this sari from the lovely people at Ecoloom.  I try to wear only natural fiber and handwoven saris if I can, so I really loved finding Ecoloom. They have a facebook page and Instagram and will ship direct internationally. You should check them out!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. vajpayee04 says:

    You look very beautiful in saree1

  2. sunirmal765 says:

    That’s simply amazing, thanks for posting

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