#53 Kappulu – traditional

For this one I put a pin in the informal pleats on the shoulder because this sari is one of those terribly slippery silk ones. It won’t stay on my shoulder for nothing. The Kappulu drape is from Andhra Pradesh. It is for a 7 yard sari, but you could do it with a 6 yard sari that still has the choli/blouse piece attached. Also if you are a small person a normal 6 yard sari would probably work too. You also need a sari that is reversible or doesn’t have an up or down. Because this sari is draped the opposite direction of most sari drapes. Or you could just drape it the opposite of the way I’m showing here and then any sari design will work.


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  1. Dasi says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much 🙂

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