#45 Settu Mundu, Namboothiri – traditional(kerala)

Here is a two piece sari drape from the south. It is traditionally worn without a blouse or petticoat.

Some cool links to compliment this drape shared with me by my reader Basil. Thanks so much!




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  1. pearl khemchandani says:


  2. basil says:

    The blouse and petticoat are not part of the original tradition. Now blouse is permitted. But if you wear petticoat for dance competition, you will loose points…

    1. Dasi says:

      Interesting… I didn’t know they wore this while dancing. What is the dance style called ?

      1. basil says:

        Not exactly this. The normal set mundu. Please check the below link.

        There is points for dress. No petticoat (instead they tie a piece of cloth in a particular way). There should be kasavu at the end of blouse hands (not in this video… they might have missed one point. But as blouse is not part of traditional costume many judges dont reduce for the lack of kasavu). The thulasi in the head will get you one point. The hair is tide in a different way with garland. That have point.

      2. Dasi says:

        Very cool 🙂 thanks for the video

      3. basil says:

        The below is the representation of this style. First is a painting by His Highness Ravi Varma in 1900.
        Second is an image of an actress.


      4. Dasi says:

        Awesome! Thanks so much for the links. Beautiful painting and beautiful actress. This Sari style is so simple and sophisticated . I love it 🙂

  3. Mohith says:

    I need to know how Namboothiri’s ware their dhothi while performing rituals

  4. Deep Khamaru says:

    But the lady in the video and the women dancing are wearing a blouse..so was “without boouse” a trend…which is not active now??..or is it still active as a more traditional attire??

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