#41 Bollywood style – modern

Bollywood style is a version of Nivi but the pallu pleats are very thin and they are not opened up to cover the chest and stomach. They are kept pleated and the part that comes around the right hip is draped loosely.


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  1. zainab ahmad says:

    How many yards for the pallu and what material is best used for saree and do you make use of pin?

    1. Dasi says:

      The Pallu design can be 18in(45cm)long to 36in(92cm)long, generally. Some really fancy saris may have longer pallu. I’ve also seen saris with out pallu design. It is not set in stone.
      Fabric that drapes nicely and is not too heavy is the best kind. Quilting weight cotton is too heavy, for example. You need something that flows and drapes nicely or, if its stiff, it is light weight.
      Yes, I use pins a lot. But it depends on what drape I am using and what type of sari. Some drapes I don’t need pins at all and some I have to use pins or I will always be adjusting and re-doing the sari. You just have to try them out for yourself and see how it works for you. I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Wow this is something very useful to the young girls who mostly prefer western dresses and don’t know how to wear saari, you have explained it very well, thanks for video, let me share it with my friends, thumbs up to your good work

    1. Dasi says:

      I’m glad you like it. Be sure to thank the person who made the video on youtube as well. I just posted it here. 🙂

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