#29 Tamil Brahmin style (Madisar) – traditional

OK so this is not the most polished video but it is cool to see some women trying to preserve their traditional dress. When I get a 9 yard sari I’ll try it out and post some pictures here.

If you go to Youtube and read the description, they say that the style can be worn with the pallu thrown over either shoulder. Traditionally this was done over the right shoulder by the Iyer and the Gurukkal Brahmins and over the left for the Iyengar Brahmins Check out these ladies traditional dress…


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  1. Dear madam,
    Thanks for republication of our video of wearing madisar saree. We also do ready made madisar saree for Iyer and Iyengar. Please visit our website http://www.mamamami.in for more details, were you can find our contact details also.
    Thanks once again. Lalitha Anand info@mamamami.in

    1. T.S.Mohan says:


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