#15 Maharastrian style(Nuvari) – traditional

One thing I wanted to point out about this drape is, that when she makes the pleats in front they are very very wide. I think this helps with bulkiness in front. I have tried to do this drape with normal size nivi pleats and it gets really really bulky in front because you have to have a nine yard sari for this drape. So the pleats and the banana roll in front are huge! So make wide pleates  🙂

I really love the way this sari drape hangs and moves ❤

Here is an older woman giving her take. Its really cool to see the sari drapes done by people who wear them everyday because you know they are going to work and stay put.

And here is another 🙂



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  1. Kay says:

    Thanks for your great saree posts!. I’m not Indian but I love sarees.

  2. Thank you for this very useful collection. I was looking for smartha brahmin style of dressing and landed up to your blog. You doing a wonderful job of collating under one roof. The tuck the granny does here for front pleats is what I remember as a girl my grandma did with her regular drapeas well. No petticoats used. I always wondered why is there that ball shaped like thing. My mom had transitioned to petticoat usage style, so it was perplexing.

    With all respect to above kacche how does one get away with using washroom. I am all about practical usage of any dress. In smartha kacche I saw it was one pull and tuck make a pant at crotch. Even the nauvari style videos of maharashtra style, the videos show so many pins used. Just a wonderment.

    1. Dasi says:

      I think if you don’t wear anything, not even underpants, underneath you can move things aside and be able to use the bathroom quite easily. I do believe that is how it was done. But it is only my speculation. :p

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