#63 T-shirt drape(sweater drape) – modern

So the T-shirt drape is very similar to one seen in Bollywood a lot. Most girls seem to wear it like this…


The part that normally covers your chest becomes more like a beauty pageant sash and the back is tucked in all the way around.
Recently I have been dissatisfied wearing a sari during winter (I live in the North of the world). I always get drafts right around my mid section :-P and wearing a sweater over the top of everything gives me a football shoulder. It’s a bit of a lopsided look. So I realized that if I untuck the back of this drape and let it hang around my hips then I can wear a full length shirt instead of a choli. I could wear a sweater! I could wear a T-shirt =-O . with the normal nivi drape if you wear a normal shirt in place of a choli the hem will get pulled up over one of the hips to make way for the sari coming up and around. Its kind of an awkward messy look. With this new drape everything sits nicely and harmoniously and very cool (uh warm :-P ) anyway below is the video. Enjoy!

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Sari Shop Review: Jaypore.com

Shopping for Saris online is not always the best experience. I totally prefer shopping in person, because you can feel the fabric and see the actual color. But sadly I do not live in a part of the world where there are sari shops on every corner. In fact I don’t think there is a sari shop within 500km of where I live. I have been to India twice and I loved it! The place is amazing and there are so many saris to be had. Its a dream. However, my usual reality is that I have to buy my saris online. So I must contend with bad picture quality and subjective descriptions. Most of the time what I see on the screen is not what I expected/hoped for. A lot of the time computer screens and cameras do not interpret color realistically. Also if you are not familiar with the type of sari you are buying, the texture, drape and feel of the sari can be a surprise as well. I have been to a few sari shops on the internet, where the color of the saris is over saturated and the sari is digitally recreated from pictures and superimposed on the same model for every sari. This makes the drape of the sari and opacity inaccurate. They were nice saris but not what I thought I was ordering. So enough of the cons of sari shopping online. Jaypore.com was actually one of my very positive online sari shopping experiences.

Jaypore.com is not just a sari shop. They have lots of other stuff too, but they have enough saris and sari accessories that I would classify them as a sari shop.

Most of their saris are natural fibers. I think a few of them are synthetic. I my self only buy natural fiber saris, so it was nice to see a sari shop with a majority of what I like. In general online sari shops stock mostly synthetic saris and the natural fiber ones are either really high priced or there are only a few to choose from. So I was very excited to see the selection they had.

When I first visited Jaypore.com I found that the pictures of their sari’s seemed very realistic, and I was not disappointed. All the colors of the saris I received were very accurately displayed on their website. Also all the pictures looked as if they were pictures of actual models wearing the individual saris.So the natural drape and opacity was visible.

Their website is quite easy to navigate and checking out and paying for my items was easy. After I purchased the items, I received and email from Jaypore.com telling me that they were going to send my purchase in two packages and that they would put a smaller amount, than I payed, on the customs forms so I would have to pay less import duty and taxes (the saris shipped from India and I am in Europe). I didn’t end up having to pay anything extra. I also used their chat/support and the person who chatted with me was very helpful and followed up with an email to me, with all the information I had asked for, the same day. Though it is not a 24hr chat, so you have to be online during business hours to get anyone.

As far as prices, their saris are not more expensive than any other sari shop online. I do know of online shops where you can get saris for less, but they are generally not very good quality. The really cheap saris tend to be very thin and starched to heck.

Shipping was very fast and the packaging was very good. The saris were packed in a plastic FedEx shipping bag, then a sturdy card board box and then in a nice cloth drawstring bag with the Jaypore logo printed on the front (I love getting free cloth bags with my purchases :) ). I will be reusing that for sure!

Conclusion: The whole experience was wonderful and I will definitely buy from them again.

The two saris that I purchased were: Peach-multi-color cotton handwoven saree & Beige-Lime Tussar Silk Kantha Embroidered Had Block Printed Saree