#68 Pullaiyar Style – traditional

For this drape I made 6 pleats in the very beginning, and in the end if you don’t have enough to make the belt you can leave draping like a cape 🙂

The Sari: A How-To Drape Film Series

Here is a very cool project that I was informed about  recently. It is similar to my blog (documenting drapes) but I’m sure it will be even more amazing. I am learning and innovating as I go and these people already know their stuff 🙂 Best of all they are going to make it free…

#67 Telugu Brahmin Style – traditional

This one is interesting. Its more like a dhoti than any of the other pants style saris and it kind of pulls up on the right side. You’ll have to play with that if you want the legs to be even in the back.

#66 Bihari Drape – traditional

This drape is similar to the Gujarati drape but has a flavor and look all its own. I thought it might be frumpy when I first wore it but I ended up loving it. Definitely one of my all time favourites.  

#64 LBS Skirt Drape

Here is a very cool modern skirt drape. I uesd a Crepe Silk Sari for the pictures below.

Dare 2 drape week 3 #dare2drape

For week three I did one of my own creations. A bustle skirt from the late 1800’s. This drape is so much fun to wear ❤ .

Dare 2 Drape Week 1 #dare2drape

Currently I am participating in a seven week viral campaign hosted by Triveni Sarees. Every week I have to use a different sari and a different drape. You can read all about it here. Below is my first drape and you can check out the other people participating @ dare2drape.org. Have fun! Wear a Sari!