Merry Christmas!

I received an amazing petticoat in the mail yesterday. :) It fills out my skirt style saris wonderfully! If you’d like an amazing petticoat check them out HERE. There is more than one style and weight.  Thanks Radhika <3

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#56 Cocktail Dress – modern

Special thanks to Vibha for finding this video :-)

Don’t try to use a heavy silk or a starched to heck cotton for this drape. It will stick out in odd directions. Light weight and  flowing whatever the material it is made of is the way to go :)

#55 Settu Mundu 2 – traditional(kerala)

There are two styles with the name Settu Mundu. This one I am calling “Settu Mundu 2″ I believe the other one (#45 on my blog) is the more traditional of the two.
Basil(one of my readers) provided me with a very awesome link to a video of ladies dancing in competition with this style(Settu Mundu2). It is included below. :)

# 54 Olakacche (Karnataka) – traditional

The drape demonstrated below was quite a mystery to me for sometime. Vibha commented nicely below and cleared up the mystery. I have backed up Vibha’s conclusions with a google search, I didn’t find much, but what I did, confirm that the drape is indeed an olakacche. Worn traditionally by Smartha Brahmins from Karnataka. However it is not worn very much anymore.

It is a nice simple drape that almost doesn’t look like a kaccha. But it is… its a hidden kaccha :)

A big thank you to Vibha and Rame for helping me figure this one out.